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How Fitness Changed My Life

I decided to write this post because I have had multiple people ask me how I got started with fitness, and what inspires me to work out. 
Here is my story:
When I was growing up I experienced a series of traumatic events all throughout my childhood and teen years. From physical abuse, sexual assault, bullying, and the loss of a sibling.  At such a young age I was never able to comprehend why I was going through all of this.  The 15-year-old me began to think that constant pain and depression was normal, that I was forever going to live a miserable life.  At 15 years old I thought life was not worth living, life is so harsh and it's a never-ending cycle of pain and misery. I thought abuse, bullying, and assault were depressing but I would get through it soon. I thought to myself life couldn't get any worse, I have been through it all.  It's not until you lose that one person you lived and shared experiences your whole life. In 2008 my sister went missing and was never found…